Be Aware of Discount Zippos

Discount Zippos or getting one as a gift is exciting! You already know their fantastic reputation so this is a lighter designed to last. However, you do have to be aware of discount zippos as an option out there. It is upsetting when you get one and realize you have been duped. Due to the demand for Zippos as lighters, there is also an incentive for discount zippos to be sold online and even at various vendors.
As a consumer, you think you have come across a great deal. You can get the Zippos you want for yourself or someone else at a discount for cost. Sometimes, you will pay the full price and then later still realize it is a discount. Either way, you have been ripped off. The biggest difference is going to be the overall quality of the product. An imitation may look very similar to a real Zippos but there are some differences. It certainly isn’t going to stand up to the wind or even the test of time like the real deal though.
Some individuals don’t have a clue their discount Zippos are a knockoff until it isn’t working like it should. They send it to the Zippos company who stands behind each item and they will fix them for free. Only they send the item back to the customer with a note that it isn’t an actual Zippo product and they can’t fix it. More than 100,00 such products are sent to Zippos on average annually for repairs and they can’t do anything with them.
It is believed about 12 million are discount zippos that are sold annually around the world. The majority of them are believed to be made in secret factories in China. Many consumers have nicknamed these junk products as Rippos! They cost about $2 to make and they sell for at least $20 so that is quite a bit of money being made annually from unsuspecting consumers in the market for a legitimate Zippo lighter.
The biggest problem is the outside look of these as discount are very, very good! They can be hard to tell the difference between the real deal and a counterfeit – even when you compare two of them side by side. Experts can tell by the lettering on the products and often by the weight of discount zippos. Yet most of the time they have to look at the inside of the lighters to know for sure. A Zippo lighter has what they refer to as a trombone fit.
Buying from a reputable Zippos company in person or online is important especially when purchasing a discount zippo. There are numbers on them too and you can check with the company to find out if such a product is legitimate before you buy it. This is important to do if you are paying top dollar for collectibles too. You certainly don’t want to find out that investment was nothing more than a rip off and your item isn’t worth anything at all. If an offer seems too good to be true, it likely is.