Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen for Childrean

Make using a Healthy Sunscreen Fun for Children

Children should spend plenty of time outdoors. Running, jumping, exploring, and letting their imagination determine what they play is all part of growing up. Most parents agree they would rather let the kids go outside for the day than to see them indoors watching TV, on the phone, or playing video games. Yet you have to make sure they are using the best zinc oxide sunscreen to protect them from damages.

A sunburn can be very painful for a child, and take days to recover from. If they have fair skin, the burn can even turn into blisters which can become infected. Parents don’t want to fight with the kids about wearing a sun cream, so you have to make it fun for them. You also want to make it a lifelong habit they get into from an early age.

Kid Friendly Daily Sunscreens

Start out with kid friendly natural sunscreen. These are free from harsh chemicals and ingredients. Never assume all products in this realm are the same as there is a huge difference among them. Become familiar with what is good for your child to use and what isn’t. Get the best zinc oxide sunscreen that works well when they sweat or when they are in the water too.

This is a good process to consider because children tend to be involved in a wide variety of types of activities. Make sure you set a good example by putting on your own healthier sunscreen too when you are outdoors with them. You don’t need to use the same zinc sun cream, but you should make sure you have something ready to use. Let them see you put it on so they are encouraged to do so too.

Sprays and Colors

For younger children or those who don’t want to put on sunscreen, you can make it fun by getting sprays or a silky foam. They go on evenly and quickly for them to be able to go play once you are done. There are those that are colored too. When you spray them on, they may be green or purple. This is fun for them to see, and they are more likely to stand still while you apply it. At the same time, it helps you to see where you have applied it and any locations you may have missed. It will rub in and not leave color on their skin.

Reminders When Purchasing the Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreens

Children enjoy being in charge, so let them be part of reminding you to get the non toxic sunscreen out. Try to apply it 15 to 30 minutes before anyone goes outdoors. You can even give them stickers or other rewards for reminding you about the good sunscreen. Make sure you keep some in your bag, in the car, and in the house so it is always easy to access.


The use of the best SPF sunscreen for kids isn’t a one-time application and then you forget about it. If they will be outside for several hours, you need to have regular intervals when you will re-apply it. This is also a good time for a water break so they can stay well hydrated too. 

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