Can Physical Therapy Park Ridge New Jersey Help with Digestion Concerns?

The internal digestive system has a huge responsibility. We need to break down food for our body and mind to have the energy it needs. Yet the number of people that struggle with gas, IBS, diarrhea, heartburn, and pain after they eat continues to grow. Working with your doctor to control such problems often isn’t enough.

Going to physical therapy Park Ridge New Jersey on a regular basis though can be the change you need. It can help you to get rid of digestive pain and symptoms that have been making you uncomfortable. Subluxations are nerves in your digestive tract and they may not be lined up right. As a result, there can be areas where the food can’t pass like it should.

Reduce Medications with Physical Rehab NJ

If your symptoms are frequent, you may be spending plenty of money on over the counter or prescription medications to treat them. These medicines often have their own side effects. The body can also build up an immunity to them. With personal therapy, you may be able to reduce the use of medications or stop taking them completely. It all depends on how your body improves with the treatments.

Those medicines can offer you some temporary relief, but they don’t get to the core of the underlying issue. As a result, you may struggle with anxiety about where you will be when symptoms arise. If you have IBS, you will always need to be able to have access to a bathroom and that can create anxiety for you. Being able to break free from that cycle can help you get back on track with your life.

Why does Physical Therapy Park Ridge New Jersey Work?

The reason physical rehabilitation in New Jersey can be useful for digestive problems is the digestive track is linked to the central nervous system. In fact, elements of the central nervous system actually control areas of the digestion process. Nerves in your spine not doing their job correctly can toss your entire digestive system out of whack.

Physical therapy Park Ridge New Jersey for manipulation can help to get things back in place. It can make a difference in your ability to eat and feel well after you do so. Some people have been suffering from their symptoms for years and think they just have to live with it. Before you give up, see what your physical therapist in Park Ridge can do for you!

Proper Diet

When you talk to a physical therapist in New Jersey, one of the items they are going to ask about is your diet. Be honest about what you eat and the portion sizes. They need a realistic idea of your regular diet. They may ask you to make some positive changes in that area too. By doing so, along with the sports physical therapy, you can end up feeling better than you have in a long time!


Babies often suffer from colic due to the inability to digest certain enzymes in their formula or their mother’s breast milk. Seeking a Park Ridge pt therapy in New Jersey for them at such a young age is becoming increasingly popular. There are studies to show this is a great way to make an infant more comfortable and content. It also enables them to sleep better, and there isn’t a parent out there who won’t appreciate that!

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