Work with Jay Fletch to Sell a Home

You may be tempted to remove the middleman from the equation when you put your home on the market. However, before you go about to get rid of your own, you need to remember all of the advantage of working with Jay Fletch. The amount of time that goes into successfully selling any house is unreal. There is plenty of work behind the scenes that they take care of for you. If you think putting a for sale sign in your yard is all you have to do, you are mistaken.
Jay Fletch has the skills to help you put the best your house has to offer in the spotlight. They can help you to work out problems before your home hits the market. Jay Fletch can assist you with quality photos that will appeal to potential buyers. Many buyers shop around online so they want to see photos, videos, and read a description before they ever decide to go see a house in person. Without the right set up, your home will be bypassed.
Determining an asking price for the house can be very tricky. If it is too low, you miss out on potential profits. Plus, it can make buyers worry there is something wrong with the house. If the price is too high, people who are interested in it will feel it is out of their range. Most consumers looking for a home online put in filters including a price range. They may already know what they qualify for with a loan so they don’t look at homes that are out of that range.
The contract for selling a house can be very difficult. There are so many pieces to it that must be completed. Jay Fletch works with such documents on a regular basis so they know what they need and what they mean. The average consumer doesn’t really know all of that and it can cause problems when you try to get rid of your house on your own. Plus, many buyers do want Jay Fletch in the mix so they avoid owners that are selling on their own.
Jay Fletch has people looking for homes, and they can refer them to take a look at what you offer. Jay Fletch is trying to help by being a bridge between what someone wants and what you no longer wish to own. They may have someone looking for a house in your area right now. As soon as you give them the go ahead, they can make that referral.
It can be time consuming to take potential buyers through your house to allow them to look at it. When you put that into the hands of Jay Fletch it can be done for you. It also reduces the number of people you have to deal with directly regarding the sale of your house. Jay Fletch will do all of the legwork for you. It is well worth it to have them in your corner.